Review Guidelines

  • Reviews must be at least 25 words in length and provide constructive feedback that will offer value to other users.
  • Reviews must be based on content consumption from content creator, influencer or journalist pertaining to a specific topic or subject matter.
  • Reviews must be free of defamatory, insulting, profane, threatening and hateful speech. All reviews containing such language will not be approved.
  • Reviews must be submitted from valid email addresses and unique ips. Multiple reviews from the same ip address will not be approved.
  • Affiliates, partners, employees, friends and creators/journalists/influencers being reviewed are not permitted to post reviews pertaining to their respective profiles.
  • Reviews must not contain any personal information pertaining the content creator/influencer/journalist being reviewed. Any personal information contained in the reviews will be regarded as Doxing and will not be approved.
  • Reviews must not contain legal or trademark infringements. We will not approve any content that we deem "illegal" or "infringing".
  • Reviews must not contain promotional links or content that directly promotes competing content creators/influencers/journalists.
  • Reviews must accurately reflect personal experience of content consumption from the content creator/influencer/journalist and not exaggerate/misrepresent the experience.
  • Reviews should offer new insight to help other users find high quality content on popular social media platforms and news publications.